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Improve Your Business With Our Innovative Improv Tools

Improve Your Business With Our Innovative Improv Tools

Our digital workplace comedy series allows you to practice high-stakes conversations in a low-stakes manner so you and your employees are ready to give and receive feedback when the pressure is on. We offer both Individual and Enterprise licenses for The Feedback Loop and the supporting learning materials.

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The Feedback Loop: A Workplace Comedy Series

A partnership between Radical Candor and Second City Works, Improvising Radical Candor’s digital workplace comedy series, The Feedback Loop (think Groundhog Day meets The Office), follows a pair of well-intentioned, but flawed leaders who realize the only way to stop repeating the same terrible work day is to act less like Michael Scott and more like Kim Scott by applying the principles of Radical Candor.

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There are two ways to get The Feedback Loop:

For companies with over 250 people who want to personalize the program or deploy it via their own learning management system, we offer an enterprise license.

For individuals, teams and companies smaller than 250 people, or for larger companies looking for a plug-and-play experience, we offer individual licenses starting at $149 per person.

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Whatever your communication challenges, we’ve got innovative yet simple solutions.

Inconsistent Feedback


When feedback is inconsistent / ineffective, companies:

Lose money → Underperforming teams

Lose people → Attrition / Good people leave

Lose time → Inefficiencies / Stalled growth & innovation

Psst … we’ve got a simple solution for finding your way out of communication chaos — our workplace comedy series and live keynotes are designed to help you get more stuff done with less drama.

Retain Employees


Our innovative yet simple approach to feedback:

Promotes reach → Digital series The Feedback Loop is available to entire organizations, creating shared vocabulary, framework, and talent-retaining company culture.

Promotes practice → Interactive, behavior-based improv exercises stimulate playful practice to give individuals real-world skills and confidence.

Promotes sustainment → The Feedback Loop’s comedic storyline makes the learning stick and people will want to watch it (voluntarily).


See Who’s Embracing The “F” Word

Improvise Your Feedback,
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