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Free Your Company From Feedback Fails

Roll Out “The Feedback Loop”

You’ve seen the laugh-and-learn series, now get everything you need to scale it across your organization. Fill out the form, and we’ll contact you to walk you through bringing The Feedback Loop to your company.

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Each of the 5 learning content modules includes:

  • An Episode of The Feedback Loop comedy series, including episode recaps at the top of each video.
  • An after-episode Cheat Sheet learners can use to keep the Radical Candor principles top of mind.
  • A Playbook to help team members deepen learning by playfully practicing feedback skills using improv-inspired exercises from The Second City.
  • A toolkit to help you successfully deploy the program.

The Feedback Loop is an ideal way to bring remote workers together while scaling learning across teams. Want to learn more about how to roll out The Feedback Loop to your organization to help curtail communication chaos? Watch our FAQs video, then contact us to bring it to your company ASAP. (We also have options for individuals and small teams.)

What viewers are saying…

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    We bring to life Radical Candor’s simple framework for navigating candid conversations using playful practice exercises, a Netflix-style 5-episode comedy series starring David Alan Grier, (yes, THAT David Alan Grier!), and supplemental action plans to put newly learned skills into practice immediately.
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Cheat Sheet Playbook
Improv Radical Candor